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Ways to Token

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Payments made painless. Pay with Token at over 15 million places by adding your MasterCard or Visa.

No matter how big or small the purchase, Token lets you make payments seamlessly. You pair your Mastercard or Visa to Token, and when you tap at any NFC contactless payment device, Token authenticates your identity and authorizes the charge on that credit card. No physical credit card necessary.

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House Key

House Key*

Meet your digital doorman. Easy access to lock and unlock your door when paired with a home lock kit.

Keep your home sweet home secure. Token works seamlessly and reliably with a compatible home lock kit, using NFC (near field communication) technology that allows you to just hover or touch to access your home. You’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. *Coming in a future release.

Door Lock
Car Key

Car Key*

No more fumbling for your key fob. Set up your car with Token and you're good to go.

Whether you left your keys inside or simply don’t feel like digging them out of your bag, Token has you covered. When you use the Token Car Kit, you can unlock your ride with a touch of your hand using the same bluetooth frequency as your car key fob. Approach your car, tap your Token, open your door, and hit the road. *Coming in a future release.

Car Lock
New Access Badge

Access Badge

Whether you're coming or going, Token makes access a breeze.

Say goodbye to your access card, and hello to your Token. We're working to ensure that Token is HID SEOS ready so it can replace your access card. Your security team will program your Token to allow you to gain access to your office and more. Making going to work fun, or as fun as it can be.


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Transit Cards*

No more rifling through your bag for your Metrocard, fumbling for your wallet to get on the bus quickly, or discovering an empty balance right when your train is leaving the station. You’ll never be late to your ride again.

Token gives you instant transit access so you can get where you’re going, faster. All enabled through contactless payment terminals or partnerships with public transit systems around the world. *Coming in a future release.

Transit Card

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Digital peace of mind. We’re working with hundreds of companies to bring an end to passwords, starting with your computer.

Emails, family photos, that novel you’ve been working on. Two taps, and you're in. When you use Token to unlock your computer, your personal data stays personal. We're working with the FIDO Alliance to bring an end to passwords, enabling you use the most unique password in the world: your fingerprint. *Coming in a future release.

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Companion App

Manage your credentials in one place. Stay up to date on all the latest partners and features.


Partner With Us

Token is working with hundreds of partners to offer compatibility with all your physical and digital access points. And we're always looking for more partners. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to join us in creating a more convenient and secure world.

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