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Available in a variety of sizes. We’ll send you physical sizing options before your Token ships so you can select the most comfortable fit. Every purchase comes with a sleek wireless charger that doubles as a ring stand.

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Luxury in every detail.


With classic style and everyday purpose in mind, we forge each Token using innovative design and traditional jewelry-making techniques. The enclosure is first molded in castable wax with a 25 micron precision jewelry printer. We then investment cast your Token in 92.5% Sterling Silver at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Each ring is hand-finished by a jeweler to create a beautiful brushed or polished finish.

Available Colors
  • Brushed Silver
  • *Black Carbon
  • *Rose Gold
  • Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Token Edition

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Token packs a ton of technology into a tiny footprint. High density laser-etched circuit boards, wafer-level chip packaging, and a highly optimized layout allow Token's 83 components and 3 antennas to fit into a 0.25 cc space. An advanced power management system orchestrates 3 microprocessors, 3 autonomous sensors and 2 energy efficient radios to deliver up to two weeks of battery life. The platform is designed with security in mind, delivering bank-grade two-factor authentication thanks to an EAL-5 certified Secure Element and a 508 dpi capacitive touch fingerprint sensor.

Token Design

Set up in 3 quick steps.

Pair Token 01

Pair it once with your phone using the Token app.

Scan Fingerprint 02

Scan fingerprint using the Token ring.

Add Credentials 03

Add your credentials on your phone using the Token app.


Pair Token


Scan Fingerprint


Add Credentials

How To Use

  • Hover

    To access a smart reader or pay, just touch or hover your hand over the reader.

    Img Left
  • Tap

    To unlock your credentials with bluetooth, double tap the ring with a finger next to the device.

    Img Right

Your fingerprint is the only ID you need.

More Ways to Token
Tech Specs ring

Token only unlocks for you.

Tech Spec 34
Tech Spec Right

Ring Sizes (not to scale)

  • Size 6 6
  • Size 7 7
  • Size 8 8
  • Size 9 9
  • Size 10 10
  • Size 11 11
  • Size 12 12


  • Brushed Silver Brushed
  • *Black Carbon *Black
  • *Rose Gold *Rose
  • Battery Life
    Battery LifeUp to 1 Week
  • Charge Time
    Charge TimeUp to 3 Hours
  • Charging Technology
    Charging TechnologyInductive
  • Water Resistant
    Water ResistantRating pending
  • Communication
    CommunicationNFC, Bluetooth
  • Secure Element
    Secure ElementEAL5 Certified
  • Authentication Protocols
    Authentication ProtocolsEMVCo, iClass SEOS, WebAuthn, Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire

Secure Passage

The ring pairs with your fingerprint when you put it on. An optical sensor inside the ring knows when it’s on your finger, and locks when you take it off. No one else can access your Token, ever. Furthermore, it's decentralized; we never store your credentials or data. Welcome to total peace of mind.

More on security
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Everyday Magic

Hover over the payment terminal at your favorite store, your Token door lock and building access reader. Feel the freedom of leaving your keys, cards, and badges at home.

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