Token stores all your credentials in one secure place

How it works

Only your fingerprint can unlock Token

Once you pair your fingerprint with your ring, Token works for you and you alone.

Secure your existing credentials on the ring

Enjoy continuous 2-factor authentication (2FA) across every digital interaction.

Knock twice to activate and use your credentials

Indicate your intent to use credential information with a simple gesture.

Contactless Payments

Keep your payments touch-free and frictionless: just hover your hand and go. Since only you can use your Token, your information stays safe whether it’s on or off your finger.

Token ring provides building access
Building Access

Say goodbye to physical access badges, fobs and keys. Your Seos-ready Token makes every workplace interaction more secure.

A ring that wears thin.
Security that won’t.

Continuous protection and decentralized security in one beautiful ring.
A wearable you'll actually wear

Each Token enclosure is made from precision machined 316L stainless steel and then plated with jewelry-grade precious metal.

Beauty on the outside, brains on the inside.

Wireless Communication

Token uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with your phone and NFC to handle payments and building access.

Secure Storage

Token's onboard EAL5 Certified secure element keeps your credentials safe.

Inductive Charging

Using inductive charging, Token's included ring stand effortlessly keeps your ring powered up.

See it in action.

We've combined security and ease-of-use to give you the convenience you want with the peace of mind you need. Here's how easy it is to get started with Token.

Unlocking the Token app

Managing the credentials stored on your ring is easy with the mobile app, which stays locked until you authenticate with your Token.

Making a contactless payment

Keep your wallet and your phone in your pocket, Token makes contactless payments a breeze. Just knock twice and hover over the reader.

Building access with Token

No need to wear a badge around your neck. With Token, just knock twice to activate NFC and hover over your building's access point.

Endless possibilities. No compromises.

Token already works with payment and building access credentials, but we aren't stopping there. Transit cards, car/home locks, and many other applications are planned for the future.