Token ring provides building access

Always-on security.
Always on your finger.

A ring for all your credentials that only works for you.
Our Vision

We believe your daily flow shouldn’t suffer for the sake of security. Token eliminates the friction around proving who you are across digital systems, and gives you complete control over your credentials.

No one lays a finger
on your data

Token's integrated fingerprint sensor prevents anyone else from accessing your credentials, period.
Store your fingerprint directly on Token's secure element

Your biometric information is stored in a bank-grade EAL-5 certified secure element and never leaves your ring. 

Scan your fingerprint as you slide Token onto your finger

Using the on-board sensor, your fingerprint unlocks the credentials on your Token for you and only you.

Your ring is authenticated and ready to use until you take it off

Thanks to Token's proximity sensor, once your ring leaves your finger, it's locked to prevent any further action.

Security in
its element

Everything stored securely with Token's EAL5 certified secure element.
Own your security

Token is available in Brushed Silver and Black Carbon finishes and comes with a stylish ring stand that doubles as a wireless charger.