Don’t open the Token box just yet...

We know how excited you must be to start using your Token, but we’d appreciate the opportunity to walk through the setup process with you. So before you peek, please schedule your onboarding call with one of our team members.

Priority Customer Program Requirements

What You’ll Need

An iPhone or Android
(to install the Token app)

Another device with a camera
(for the scheduled Zoom call)

A nearby USB port
(for the Token Charger)

Your Akimbo prepaid Mastercard
(included in your shipping box)

What to Expect

Scheduled Zoom call for 45 minutes
(may need less time)

We’ll observe as you get your Token setup
(and help as necessary)

Video call will be recorded
(for internal use only)

Time for questions at the end
(or during the call if you'd like)

How to Prepare

Don’t open the Token box!
(we want to see your reaction on our call)

Register your prepaid card ahead of time
(create an Akimbo account to get started)

Add money to your card
(optional, you can do this later)

Install Zoom on secondary device
(a computer or tablet with a camera)

Register your prepaid Mastercard

Before your onboarding call, be sure to create an Akimbo account and register the prepaid Mastercard included in your shipping box. You'll be able to add this payment method to your Token once you've completed setup.

Need more options? Get in touch.