Token makes contactless payments secure and simple Token makes contactless payments secure and simple

Contactless payments
with Token

Simple, secure, and touch-free with a ring that's always ready
Token with contactless payment
Security and convenience that can't be touched

With Token, just knock twice and place your hand near the payment reader. No tapping, touching, or reaching for your phone.

Lose the wallet, gain peace of mind

Your ring only works for you thanks to Token's onboard fingerprint sensor. Once authenticated, your ring is always ready to use.

Token ring with fingerprint sensor

Making a contactless payment with Token

Knock twice to activate Token
Knock twice to activate

Once your ring is authenticated and on your finger, just knock twice to activate NFC once the payment reader is ready.

Hover Token over payment reader
Hover over reader

Place your hand and ring near the contactless payments symbol on the payment reader, within a few inches works best.

Wait for payment confirmation
Wait for confirmation

Keep your hand over the payment reader until it beeps and/or shows your payment has been accepted.

How safe are contactless payments?

Gesture required

Token doesn't attempt a contactless payment until you knock twice with your authenticated ring.

Limited Range

NFC communications typically happens within 1-4 inches, which means wireless skimming is all but eliminated.

Encrypted data

Contactless transactions are secure and include much less data than when you swipe a credit card.

Add your credit cards, then leave them at home

Token's internal EAL5+ certified secure element keeps them safe
Token in the Wild
Contactless Payments in Action

How easy are contactless payments with Token? Watch one of our early customers at a cafe, where the cashier's reaction is priceless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how Token provides secure, contactless payments? Check out the questions below, or contact support for more information.

Contactless payments with your ring can be made at just about every location with a modern payment reader. This includes most places that accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Contactless pickpocketing is generally a myth due to how the credit card is stored. A thief would have to place a scanning device within a few inches from your ring, and your ring would need to be activated by a double knock for any data to be stolen. Instead of your actual card number, they'd only ever get a tokenized card number good for a single transaction.

While some merchants, banks, and card issuers use the term Tap to Pay, there is actually no need to tap the contactless payment reader. NFC communication requires both devices to be within a few inches of each other, so hovering over the reader is perfectly acceptable.

After adding a payment credential with the Token app, your credit card is stored directly on the ring's secure element. It is not transmitted to our servers or even saved in the Token app itself.

No, token does not have access to your payment transaction history. You'll need to contact your financial institution to review those transactions.

No. While your credit card is securely stored on your ring, none of your personal banking information is collected or shared with Token.

While your phone is likely capable of contactless payments, you need to retrieve it from your purse or pocket and then authenticate with your fingerprint, face, or passcode before you can use it. With Token, your ring is always on your finger, authenticated and ready to go.

On the bottom of each ring is a small panel that allows wireless communication through the onboard NFC chip. Token uses the EMVCo specification for secure, wireless communication during payments.

Token stores everything to the ring's on-board secure element, including your fingerprint and your credentials. Once registered with your fingerprint, the ring only works for you after authenticating and wearing it. When you remove the ring from your finger, Token automatically locks until you authenticate again.

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a subset of RFID that allows wireless communication. The advantage of NFC is two-way data transmission and the ability to store and transmit multiple data types, not just IDs (which is what RFID is good at). While RFID can sometimes be read from further away, NFC is effective only within a few inches.

Without your fingerprint to unlock the ring, all of your data (including your credit cards and fingerprint template) is stored safely on the ring's secure element and is effectively untouchable.