We're on a mission to deliver people a unified way to identify themselves to the world.

The Problem

We’re motivated by a shared belief that usability shouldn’t suffer for the sake of security.

As internet users, we’ve become fatigued by the constant fear that our data and digital identity will be compromised. Unfortunately, that threat has grown in recent years. So many of the physical things we use to identify ourselves are being replaced by digital versions, piling more credentials on top of the accounts we’re already struggling to keep secure.

In the short term, we carry too much stuff — both physically and mentally — just to prove our identity. In the long term, we have little control over our personal data & identity, making us vulnerable to hacks and fraud and hampering our trusted interactions in the world.

Our Story The Problem

Our Vision

Our mission is to build tools that make it simple for you to prove and protect your identity, so that life can be lived with a little more magic and a lot more peace of mind.

We believe that every human has a right to control their identity, but that today that is not the reality. Fragments of our identity sit behind walled gardens, where access to each garden requires a different key - whether it’s a credit card, password, ID or an access badge, they’re all keys. We believe it will take time, but that there will be a shift where companies and authorities return to us control of our data and identities.

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Meet Token

Token is the one way to prove your identity for effortless and secure access to your entire world.

Streamline your life and never get locked out again. Token becomes the one key you need to access and protect your personal keys, assets and credentials. Just by wearing the ring and using two simple hand gestures, you can unlock your home, start your car, ride the train, make a payment and much more.

There’s no safer way to access, secure, and control your identity. To protect against threats, Token’s seamless next-generation technology gives you continuous, unmatched security that works across all your points of entry. You’re the only person your Token responds to, so no one can hack it. It’s the last access hub you’ll ever need allowing you to be yourself, everywhere. #OwnIt

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Meet the Family

A team of creative engineers, technologists, and visionaries who believe in a more secure future.

Our Story
  • Alex Reid
    Alex Reid

    Firmware Engineer

  • Bradley Conn
    Bradley Conn

    Firmware Engineer

  • Chester Taylor
    Chester Taylor

    Software Engineer

  • Evan Krueger
    Evan Krueger

    Software Engineer

  • Jacob Kennedy
    Jacob Kennedy

    Electrical Engineer

  • Jennifer Bell
    Jennifer Bell

    Director of Operations

  • John Dvorak
    John Dvorak

    Lead Engineer

  • Lucas Jodon
    Lucas Jodon

    Firmware Engineer

  • Melanie Shapiro
    Melanie Shapiro


  • Richard Lourette
    Richard Lourette

    VP of Engineering

  • Ryan Belair
    Ryan Belair

    Dev Ops Engineer

  • Sheila Herbert
    Sheila Herbert

    Director of Product

  • Emily Rej
    Emily Rej

    Manufacturing Engineer

  • Lee Minich
    Lee Minich

    Director of Engineering

  • William Yonkers
    William Yonkers

    Senior Industrial Designer

  • Brad Mitchell
    Brad Mitchell

    Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Adam Gogolski
    Adam Gogolski

    Director of Marketing

  • Maurisa Cerilli
    Maurisa Cerilli

    Office Manager / HR Specialist

  • Patrick Haney
    Patrick Haney

    UX Designer & Front-End Developer

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Join Our Team

Three things we love: creativity, curiosity, and being a good human. If you are interested in joining our team in New York or Rochester, we'd love to hear from you.

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Our Investors

  • Australian Government
  • Blockchange
  • Bloomberg Beta
  • Empire State Development
  • Future/Perfect
  • Highline Ventures
  • Neo
  • RIT Venture Creation
  • RRE Ventures
  • 2020 Ventures

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