All your credentials
in one secure place

Token is a smart ring for payments and building access.
Contactless payments as easy as 1-2

Knock twice to activate Token and hold your hand over any contactless reader. Making a purchase has never been easier.

Token ring provides building access
An access badge that won’t cramp your style

Leave the lanyard in your desk drawer. With Token, you've got the digital key to your building on your finger wherever you go.

You'll have security wrapped around your finger

With Token's integrated fingerprint sensor, you're the only one that can authenticate with and use your ring.

More on Security
The most beautiful app
you'll never use
Setup your ring, add your credentials, and put your phone away.


Eliminating one more thing to physically touch in these times is certainly a plus. Looking forward to Token!

David Z.

The award-winning video
that started it all